Elevate Your Repair Center Franchise with Expert Guidance.

How does the Bigfix franchise work?

One-Time Setup Fee

A nominal one-time setup fee covers essential aspects, ensuring a seamless start for your repair center franchise.

Comprehensive Site Survery

Our expert team conducts a detailed site survey to optimize your repair franchise location for maximum visibility and accessibility.

Retail Consulting Services

Leverage our retail consulting to optimize repair services and sales strategies, enhancing customer experience and overall business performance.

Strategic Repair Center Layout and Interiors

Benefit from our expertise in designing a functional and aesthetically pleasing layout, fostering an environment conducive to efficient operations.

Complete Hardware Tools and Equipment

Access top-notch tools and equipment, ensuring your repair center stays equipped with the latest technology for effective repairs.

Extensive Spare Parts and Accessories Stock

We provide a curated stock of spare parts and accessories, minimizing downtime and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Bigfix App Suite

Our integrated app suite connects manufacturers, service partners, and customers throughout the breakfix services journey, ensuring seamless collaboration.

Software Support

Benefit from ongoing software support to streamline operations, manage inventory efficiently, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Strategic Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing experts craft tailored strategies to promote your repair center, driving customer engagement and brand awareness.

Strategic Digital Marketing Services

Our digital marketing experts craft tailored strategies to promote your repair center, driving customer engagement and brand awareness.

Network Building

Your BigFix eCare center serves as a Branch Office and Hub, empowering you to harness our cutting-edge apps. Cultivate a robust partner network by collaborating with Authorized Service Providers (ASPs) and General Service Partners (GSP) within your geography. Join us in building a connected ecosystem that amplifies your reach and contributes to the success of the entire BigFix eCare network.

Technician Training & Staffing

Operate within an NSDC/TSSC affiliated training center, certifying technicians for employment opportunities. Collaborate with other training centers to source efficient candidates, ensuring your repair center is staffed with skilled professionals.

How to apply for franchise ownership?

What is the franchise appointment process?

Franchise Agreements

If we offer you a Franchise and you accept, Our slection panel will perform a background check and assertain the information provided by you. On final approval a draft of your Franchise Agreements will be shared with you for execution.

Program Review Phone Call

A 30-60 minute "Get To Know You" phone call designed to establish your background and motivations for owning a Bigfix Franchise. We will provide you with the highlights of our industry and franchise, answer your immediate questions and explain our partner review process.

Store Visit/ Audit

We invite you to visit our Model Ecare Center in Chennai and encourage you to perform independent Due Diligence/ Research as part of the process. Please come to us with your thoughts and questions. We prefer partners who exhibit high degrees of enthusiasm, initiative and thoroughness throughout the process.

Profile Form

Upon receipt of your completed Profile Form, We will send you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) To review, and set an appointment to answer your FDD questions.

Validation Calls

Once you have accumulated enough knowledge about our Franchise Opportunity, We will have you speak with current Franchise Owners directly and share thier experiences.

Territory Definition

With your application shortlisted for selection, We will work with you to help you understand your business territory and potential.

Launch Timeline

We will work with you to setup your ecare center based on defiend brand guidines and timeframe for launching a new franchice center.

Certification & Inaguration

Our team will guide you to organise a grand inauguration ceremony, during the event you will be handed over your Franchise certificate.

Discussion/ Clarifications

During the life cycle of partner selection process, you can always reach our Franchise Manager, Mr. Senthil Kumar (+91-8447733848) and engage in a meaningful business discussion.